“We contacted Tax Advisory UK when we were uncertain what would happen to our estate upon our passing and if our children and grandchildren would be charged the 40% Inheritance Tax.

Tax Advisory UK arranged 4 meetings with Chartered Tax Advisor firms and we chose a team that we felt comfortable with and we were confident to engage with.

The Chartered Tax Advisor completed our Inheritance Tax plan and not only have we saved £1.2 million but we have peace of mind that our family will see the full benefits of our labour.

Tax Advisory UK showed real quality and authority in their industry and has built a lot of trust with us in helping with our IHT planning.

They will be highly recommended to our network, by us, for all future projects”

NM and KF

Inheritance Tax planning testimonial

“I can’t express how thankful I am with the excellent and professional customer service I have received with Tax Advisory UK. 

Many thanks to the team who helped me solve my problems with WDF and guided me to the best possible customer service you could ever ask for. 

I 100% recommend Tax Advisory UK to anyone who might be struggling as I did”

R and S H

Worldwide Disclosure Facility testimonial

“Overall the service I received was second to none, the frequent calls and the communication made me feel like everything was always under control.

Tax Advisory UK represented me against the HMRC, with a rapid response which was successfully completed”


Capital Gains Tax advice

“The service provided by Tax Advisory UK was exceptional from start to finish. They responded to my ask for advice immediately and brokered meetings with three organisations within a short space of time.

As a result of these meetings, I was in a position to contract one of the organisations to help me with my tax issues. The resulting outcome was better than I could have hoped for.

Throughout this process Tax Advisory UK have been very helpful on providing guidance and ensuring the service I receive is of the utmost quality. I would highly recommend getting in contact with Tax Advisory UK for any tax issues you may be experiencing”


Let Property Campaign testimonial

“I found Tax Advisory UK a very helpful and efficient service, where I was able to make my own choice from recommended tax advisors.

Tax Advisory UK made my search for a reputable and experienced advisor a simple and fast service”


Capital Gains Tax testimonial

“Hi Andrew
Many thanks for enabling me to find an ex-HMRC Tax Investigator to assist with my Capital Gains Tax submission. It was really helpful being offered the opportunity to speak with a couple of different advisors before deciding who to go with. The advisor I chose proved invaluable information regarding what expenses were admissible, as well as assisting me with registering on the HMRC/CGT website and helping me submit the amount of tax due. Without your help, I would have had to rely on taking potluck in finding someone to assist me, so that initial conversation proved very useful in identifying a tax advisor who I felt very much at ease in speaking to, and whose knowledge, skill and experience impressed me. I was very happy with the help I received which was prompt, professional and personable. I was delighted that I ended up paying considerably less tax than I had anticipated. So although the service I chose was slightly more expensive than a local company I had spoken with earlier in the year, it proved to be well worth the extra pounds incurred. So thank you for using your network of tax advisers to match me with an ex-HMRC Tax Investigator, whose services I would highly recommend. I’d also willingly recommend Tax Advisory UK to anyone in a similar situation to myself as you offered a reliable route to finding someone I could trust which is so important these days given the scams and scallywags that are out there.  

Capital Gains Tax testimonial

I put my client in touch with Tax Advisory UK in respect of property incorporation.  They have quickly and professionally taken over this task and the client is very happy.  I would highly recommend them”

Accountancy firm referral - 1

“Thank you Tax Advisory UK for putting me in touch with a CTA. 
I needed some help/advice with CGT on the sale of a second property. 
I have no one to ask for a recommendation so after doing some research and checking I made a decision. 
Despite my initial worries, it’s really been a relatively stress-free experience, mostly due to the rapid response which was really appreciated! 
The CTA was efficient, quick to respond to emails, and very helpful. 
After an initial conversation about my personal circumstances, the CTA answered my questions clearly and clarified some aspects of CGT I found confusing.
He gave me a quote in case I wanted him to go ahead and do the CGT calculations 
( which I was pleased with.) 
It was good to be given time to think about how I wanted to proceed and no pressure was applied! 
Because the customer service was so good and I was happy with the costings I decided to go ahead and ask the CTA to help me. 
I am really happy to recommend Tax Advisory UK to my family and friends. 
It’s great when things end up being so straightforward and easy! 
Thank you so much.”

Capital Gains Tax client

“Very professional and smooth help after I contacted Tax Advisory and asked about Worldwide Disclosure Facility.

Tax Advisory UK set me up with an ex-HMRC tax inspector, the expert on this subject. He prepared the correct documentation and submitted it to HMRC in no time!

Thank you very, very much!”


Worldwide Disclosure Facility client

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